Rainy Day Dog Activities

If your dog isn’t a big fan of fetching a ball, or you don’t have the space to throw the ball inside your home, try one of these games to entertain your dog indoors.

Hide and Seek

A fun game to play with your dog is hide and seek.  Get your dog’s favorite treats and drop one on the floor and tell your dog ‘find it’ or a cue word as your dog licks it up.   Then place a treat behind a chair leg or around a corner.  Tell your dog to ‘find it’ again.  Next put your dog in a sit or down stay.  Let your dog watch you place the treat around the corner.   Release your dog and tell him to ‘find it’.  Soon you will be able to hide multiple treats around the room and have your dog find them.  You can make the hiding places harder and harder as your dog gets better at the game.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is a game my dog loves.  Get an old towel or beach blanket.  Place the towel on the floor, get your dog’s favorite toy and put it on the towel.  Then fold the towel over it.  Encourage your dog to dig at the towel to find the toy.  You can start folding the towel more and more as your dog gets better at finding the toy.

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