That Saturday Feeling

Do you wonder if your pets love Saturday and Sunday as much as you do? Watch for simple signs to let you know they do. While all animals are different, the following behaviors and body language signals usually indicate your pet is most likely happy and, more important, healthy. 

  1. A healthy appetite means your pet is in a good mood. But if your pet’s appetite drops off, it could be a sign she’s bored, depressed, or lonely,
  2. Pet’s body language conveys how they are feeling. 
    Here are the body cues that your dog is relaxed: a soft, partially open mouth, ears that are relaxed, not pulled back or taut with alertness, overall relaxed posture, with a raised head, relaxed tail, and confident stance, a tail wag that involves whole-body wiggles, rolling over to show their belly, making a “play bow,” with their rear in the air and chest lowered to the ground as an invitation to play.
    Signs that a cat is relaxed include resting with her feet tucked underneath her body, not being overly startled by sounds or movements, and having an overall calm demeanor.
  3. Pet’s engaging in play is one of the most reliable signs of happiness.
  4. Your pet enthusiastically greets you when you first wake up or when you come home from work.  This is your pet’s way of saying she’s happy to see you.
  5. Pets use their body to mark you as theirs.  Dog’s do this by leaning against your legs, sometimes placing a paw on your foot too.  While cats do this by rubbing against you and weaving around you.
     6. Happy dogs and cats enjoy positive interactions with their owners and other people in their environment.
  6. Their fur is shiney and well maintained.  Cats and dogs that are happy will groom themselve on a regular basis to keep their fur looking it’s best.
  7. Your pet’s eyes can tell you a lot about her emotional state. Resting with her eyes half closed shows she is relaxed and doesn’t feel threatened

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