Megan’s Journal

I’m excited to announce that my next book, Megan’s Journal is now on Amazon!!

Here is a preview of Megan’s Journal:

Many readers have asked,
“How did Megan know how to care for her kittens at the various stages of
their development?”

Megan’s Journal documents her munchkin’s grown from helpless one-day-old
kittens to very active six-month-olds. It includes antidotes of their many
playful antics along with Megan’s internet research on kitten development. It
also follows Megan’s personal growth as she proves to her parents that she can
handle the responsibility of a pet. Megan learns that there is much more to
having a pet than just petting and playing with them. Megan doesn’t mind the
endless cycle of feeding schedules, vet visits, homework, household chores, and
pet sitting jobs because she loves her kittens with all her heart!

Megan’s Journal includes over 30 color photos of the author’s real life
kittens that inspired her Megan’s World book series.




Hello, you found my blog page. Thank you for taking time to read my page. I’ll be posting articles about pet care, dog training tricks, short stories, as well as upcoming events here, so check back often.

I’ll be scheduling book signing events as soon as we are allowed public gatherings. Now you can buy directly from me. I’ll sign and personalize each one before shipping it to you.

My new book in the Sonny the Wonder Dog series, Sonny’s Talent is now on Amazon.

Here’s more about this book:

Sonny loves his life with Pamela and has adapted to being a dog on Earth after leaving his home planet Zana a month earlier.  He’s been by Pamela’s side continuously, but now Pamela is going back to school.  Sonny is sad to see Pamela leave on the first day of 2nd grade, but now he has time to find out more about Earth’s energy sources.  He is so happy to be able to do more than nap during the day, but will he let his guard down?  What would Pamela say if she knew Sonny’s true identity?

Megan Saves the Kittens is popular on Amazon!

This picture book is geared to 3-6 year old’s who want to learn about kittens and pet care. This book is based on Megan’s Munchkins.


Here is a preview of Megan Saves the Kittens:

When Megan Thompson discovers four abandoned one-day-old kittens, she knows she’s found the pets of her dreams.  Determined to raise these four babies, Megan carefully researches how to bottle raise her four new babies, Misty, Gizmo, Petey and Chip.   Megan learns about pet care and the personalities of each of her kittens as she watches them grow.

Based on the Megan’s World series, by author Pamela Foland, this picture book allows young readers to learn about caring for kittens.   The photos in the book are of the author’s real-life kittens.  

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